CB Fiduciary Services

The need to be independent for as long as possible and not burden family or friends is very strong. It can be difficult for families to have conversations about “what if” situations, especially when it comes to our ability to manage our own activities of daily living or make financial decisions.

No one wants to become dependent on others. As human beings, we fight for independence, autonomy, and self-sufficiency, for as long as possible. We want to live our lives the way we want. We want to retain the right to make decisions for ourselves, rather than well-intended loved ones making decisions they feel are best. Sometimes siblings disagree on how parents should be taken care of. Sometimes, family discovers another is abusing or taking advantage of a loved one. Perhaps a parent has been showing signs of cognitive decline and are becoming more vulnerable to scams, fraud, and abuse.

If you are concerned about a loved one being the target of physical or financial fraud or elder abuse, don’t wait. Contact Adult Protective Services at 1-800-510-2020. If you are outside of San Diego County, call 1-800-339-4661.

When one of your parents suffers a stroke, or is diagnosed with dementia; a parent suddenly dies, leaving the other parent unable to care for themselves; or a sibling is involved in a severe car accident, who will become responsible for paying their bills; taking care of pets and dependents; or responding to business and financial obligations?

Serving the San Diego area, CB Fiduciary Services can assume the role as an objective, third-party, stepping in to provide principled estate management for your estate planning documents or for a loved one in need. Whether you can no longer serve; when there is strife among the family; or you just do not want to burden family or friends, when preparing your own estate documents.

CB Fiduciary Services is licensed, insured and has the experience managing business and personal financial obligations. CB Fiduciary Services can serve as administrator; trustee; executor; representative payee; VA fiduciary; conservator, or guardian of the estate.