NCG, CLPF, and Realtor Celia Berdeski

Estate management requires a combination of skills, as well as the ability to identify and solve problems. Even if you find the right person with these talents, you also need to trust that person implicitly.

Celia Berdeski, NCG, CLPF has built four decades of trust and reliability, managing accounting offices, small businesses, and commercial and residential properties. With a degree in Information Technology, she also managed a large company’s IT department, for eight years; and was entrusted with their most critical information systems, financial data, security credentials, and assets, which required the highest level of trust and ethical standards.

After moving to San Diego, from her home state of Texas, Celia added to her professional credentials, obtaining a California broker’s license, and since, has gained over a decade of experience, managing commercial and residential real estate properties.

Today, Celia owns and operates CB Fiduciary Services, LLC; using her business, real estate, bookkeeping, and organizational skills, for various forms of estate management. She works closely with other professionals to provide the best quality of life and peace of mind for her clients, who entrust her with their most precious assets and personal information.

“When you name someone in your estate documents, you are asking that person to manage your entire financial life, when you are unable. It is the highest form of trust that one can bestow on another! I honor and respect that trust, first and foremost; not because it is my legal and ethical duty as a professional fiduciary, but because it is the right thing to do, and one day, I will need to rely on that kind of trust for my own estate management.”

Celia holds professional licenses, or is a member in good standing, with the following professional organizations: