Bookkeeping Services

Fiduciary Accounting Services

CB Fiduciary Services partners with other professional fiduciaries to provide fiduciary accounting services in the specialized format that California courts will approve.

CB Fiduciary Services serves the professional fiduciary community and accountants by providing third-party fiduciary accounting services to meet their clients’ financial needs. Is your client case under court supervision? Do you need to convert bookkeeping records into a court-approved format or need ongoing fiduciary accounting services? CB Fiduciary Services can help.

General Bookkeeping Services:

If you are looking for general bookkeeping services, without the full estate management services provided by CB Fiduciary Services, LLC., our affiliate company, Business Office Support Services can provide general bookkeeping services.

Whether you need help paying bills or require full charge bookkeeping services, Business Office Support Services can provide the same, ethical and professional bookkeeping services at a lower rate than standard fiduciary estate management services.

Celia Berdeski, a certified professional fiduciary, owns and operates Business Office Support Services, a fully permitted and insured bookkeeping services company. Ms. Berdeski provides the same, ethical standards in her bookkeeping practice as she does in her professional fiduciary practice, with over 30 years experience in full charge bookkeeping and business office management services, with the knowledge of understanding the unique financial reporting needs of estates. Business Office Support Services can tailor your bookkeeping needs to differentiate between individuals, community property or trust and non-trust assets and liabilities. Business Office Support Services understands the unique financial reporting situations faced by estates that are not currently being managed by a professional fiduciary. Once the estate falls under management by a private or professional fiduciary, financial records and bookkeeping responsibilities can easily be turned over, or ongoing services provided as necessary.

Business Office Support Services can provide the following services, outside of CB Fiduciary Services, LLC:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Business Bill Pay
  • Personal Bill Pay
  • Bank and Loan Reconciliations Financial Statements
  • Budget and Cash Flow Analysis Payroll and Payroll Records Reporting
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping to assist CPA*
  • Fiduciary Court Accounting
  • Financial Records Organization for Estate Planning

* Business Office Support Services does not prepare and file tax returns, but will collaborate with CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, or other tax professionals, to provide financial data.

Disclaimer: Business Office Support Services is a separate company from CB Fiduciary Services, with a separate business license, E & O insurance and Service Agreement.

You can contact Business Office Support Services, directly at 619-933-6203 or